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Customer Testimonials | Client Reviews

Thanks on the help with my little pug, Peaches, tonight at confirmation class! She is going through a fear period and I’m sure this is just the thing to help her come around and become more confident for future shows!

– Laura


Love it! Finally have a place Lucy can go and play hard enough to actually wear her out for a couple of days!! Great Job!I Love her pics! She has so much fun there! Thanks for everything you guys do with her. It is awesome!

– Heather


I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the work you guys did with Izzy. I wasn’t sure how much of a change we’d see at home, but she’s definitely improving. It’s wonderful to see her not being so scared and to see her confident happy tail wag more. Thank you!

– Angela


This place is awesome!! If you are in the Grand Rapids area, you need to check it out!!! My daughter, granddaughter and I stopped by yesterday, we were so impressed! As a fellow dog trainer, it would be fantastic to work and train in such a beautiful facility.

– Sandra


The information one seeks is here and easy to find. You are providing a much needed facility. The dog community thanks you.

– Mona


Indy very much enjoyed his first play date and was half asleep by the time we got home. Thank you!

– Kathleen


Great place for our K9 companions! Lucy is so much easier to handle on a day to day basis when she can run her energy off at such a wonderful place with her K9 friends rather than sit in her crate for many hours a day and go nuts when I get home.

– Heather


THANK YOU so much for taking care of our precious dogs during Thanksgiving Week! Your facility was amazing and the care you gave our dogs was TOP NOTCH! We will definitely use you each and every time we come to the area! We can’t thank you enough for administrating all the medications in a timely manner and giving our dogs unconditional love and attention. You gave me peace of mind and I thank you for allowing us to enjoy our holiday! Many Thanks!!

– Jackie & Mike


Thank you everyone at WMDC who took care of my labs, Juneau and Echo, today for their first day of daycare. They have not moved off of the bed since I got them home, and I really appreciate how you noticed when Juneau had enough play time, and needed to rest because she was limping. We will be back next week as soon as Juneau has recovered!

– Sarah


Greatest thing to hit Grand Rapids since Art Prize! How wonderful to have someplace to train and compete during Michigan’s winter months. Love it!

– Sarah


Great Place! Grand Rapids has needed this for a long time.

– Cindy


Indy very much enjoyed his first play date and was half asleep by the time we got home. Thank you!

– Kathleen


This is a wonderful facility. I’ve had such a good time there meeting people, practicing my obedience training, and visiting with my friends.

– Solo


I enjoyed a play date with my Brittany “BO”. My dog appeared to enjoy himself and it was a good experience for him to socialize with other dogs.

– Jim


My sister and I came to visit with Peeka Lou. I am very impressed with this facility. I am also excited to attend Obedience classes with Peeka in January!

– Lynn


We enjoyed the MLOTC flyball seminar today. I overheard many of the participants commenting on the awesome facility. Can’t wait for the freestyle seminar”.

– Barb


Kathy, congrats on your fantastic new facility! Daycare was awesome, and some of the best instructors!

– Sue


Loved my visit today and was just blown away by the facility. You have done it up in a big way and it is first class all the way. Awesome!!!

– Margaret


My goldens Fiona and Gracie say TWO PAWS UP! Can’t wait to start agility classes and trials here! Thanks to all who worked to bring this to GR!

– Laurie


Ginger and I had so much fun doing agility last weekend at the opening. It’s going to be great not to have to travel so far to events and training.

– Donna


Finally! West Michigan has a wonderful place for our dogs to train in and board. Flooring is great to run on. Congratulations to Kathy and her crew!

– Mary


This place is awesome! If it’s true what they say, that all men are dogs, then THIS is where I wanna BE!

– John


High praises for the staff, daycare and boarding! Blizzard is always happy to go, greeted by all staff, and thanked when leaving with review of his stay. If you have an energetic pitbull (or any other type of dog and energy level) this is the place for you to socialize and burn energy. He’s free roaming at daycare & boarding while only being in crate during meals. I too had a medic issue with another dog in which it was handled professionally and with consideration of a difficult situation (pre-existing medical issue). All of my questions and requests have been answered to meet our needs to the best of their abilities.

Don’t hesitate and give it a try or another one if it didn’t go so well the 1st time as we’ve all been there. Well Mannered Dog is highly recommended by Blizzard and I.

Thank you for everything especially for rebuilding and redoing the parking lot!

– Scott


My dogs and I love the Well Mannered Dog Center. Though I live in SE Michigan, my parents live near Grand Rapids. My 3 dogs (Henry, Walker and Ellie) and I spent 3 weeks over there after both of my parents had some health issues. My dogs were able to spend several days here at daycare and it was a relief knowing they were loved and well taken care of! The staff remembered us each time we came in and even asked about my parents. The professionalism and personal care they show their clients – both dog and human – is excellent. I highly recommend them and will definitely take my dogs there again!

– Jennifer


This is the best place to bring your dog, we live in Holland and bring him here when we are gone over a weekend. Great staff and Diesel always comes home happy and tired from playing.

– Jeff


An amazing place for your dog with an amazing environment!

– Eliseus


We could not have been happier with our first experience at the Well Mannered Dog. We we’re very nervous about socializing our German Shepard-Boarder Collie. But the owner immediately put me at ease! She took the time to explain how she would introduce my dog to other dogs, and explained some of behavior issues our dog displayed. We were over-joyed when we picked up our dog. She was playing with the other dogs, and interacting with the staff. We could tell she was happy and had a great time! We’re looking forward to continued day care days and working with the staff to learn how to better train our dog!

– Kate


Excellent obedience classes and day care. Best facility of it’s kind in the area for agility training and other show training.

– Marla