Spectra Therapy Wearable LASERwrap | The Well Mannered Dog Center
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Spectra Therapy Wearable LASERwrap

Your dog’s struggles with arthritis creates many difficulties throughout your home. The daily activities your dog use to enjoy become a painful chore. Walking upstairs turns into a difficult climb that wears down your dog’s aching muscles. Watching your dog slowly succumb to arthritis brings heartbreak to you and your family. The Well Mannered Dog Center understands these problems and offers a solution to help alleviate your dog’s pain — Spectra Therapy’s Wearable LASERwrap.

FDA cleared and patented, the LASERwrap revolutionizes the technology of low-level laser therapy. Wearable day and night, the A-100 Impulse Laser device provides automated laser treatments that heals and soothes your dog’s pain. The healing lasers relieves pain, improves circulation, promotes the healing of damaged tissues and helps the body’s lymphatic system cleanse and flush toxins.

Improvement appears evident after the first treatment cycle. After just the first few days, the chronic conditions your dog suffers from begins to alleviate. Repeat treatments with the LASERwrap both day and night mitigate the problem and the pain more effectively than single spot treatments.

The idea of lasers treating your dog’s arthritis may sound far-fetched or even dangerous. However, hospitals and clinics already use laser therapy as a popular option to treat pain with humans and animals. Proven safe and effective, the LASERwrap has been endorsed by doctors and dog experts all over the country. The FDA cleared the LASERwrap for arthritis, improving circulation, reducing pain, muscle spasms and promoting relaxation.

Spectra Therapy’s Wearable LASERwrap provides an affordable alternative to expensive treatments. A one-time price compared to several trips to a clinic, the device offers clinical treatment to your dog with a fraction of the price.

For more information on Spectra Therapy’s Wearable LASERwrap from the experts at The Well-Mannered Dog Center, please contact us here or call us directly at 616.258.7990.