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Grand Rapids Dog Boarding And Grooming Services

At The Well Mannered Dog Center, our dedicated dog-loving team remains focused on providing professional and exceptional Grand Rapids dog boarding, grooming and training services for every dog — big or small — that enters our center.

Finding a local dog care facility that handles all of your needs effectively and affordably can be difficult. With our ability to offer you a wide variety of professional services, we provide opportunities to form stronger relationships with you and your pup. You will have peace of mind knowing that you are leaving your dog with not only great caretakers, but caring and responsible friends who share your pet’s best interests.

Whether you need your dog watched one day a week or boarded for weeks and groomed while at our center, our capable and dependable team remains ready to help. Our one-of-a-kind facility makes your life easier and your dog’s life happier.

The dog lovers at our facility provide a wide range of services, including:

Grand Rapids Dog Boarding

We believe that no dog should be left unsupervised for any length of time, especially over night. At The Well Mannered Dog Center, our philosophy for dog boarding is to emphasize full interactive socialization, playtime and exercise. Learn more about dog boarding here.

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Grand Rapids Dog Grooming

Regular grooming is vital for the health and comfort of your dog. For new customers, this is a great way to see our facility and introduce your dog to our center. Learn more about dog grooming here.

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Grand Rapids Doggy Day Care

Our canine professionals know that dogs are extremely social and crave interaction with people and other pets. At our doggy day care center, canine playgroups are matched to size and personality. Learn more about doggy daycare here.

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Grand Rapids Dog Training Classes

We offer classes for all dogs of all skill levels ranging from obedience to agility. We are here to help your dog gain manners and skills that will no longer make you worry about your dog in social settings. Learn more about dog training classes here.

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Grand Rapids Dog Trials & Agilities

Whether you are interested in your dog participating or just observing, check out our calendar here for event dates and times.

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Grand Rapids Dog Facility Rental

The Well-Mannered Dog Center’s newly-renovated, 26,000 square-foot canine facility serves as the largest in Michigan and one of the largest in the region. Learn more about dog dog facility rentals here.

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With our years of experience, we are equipped to handle all situations. No two dogs are the same and we will never treat them that way. Our center is focused on safety, health and the happiness of all our clients, no matter how big or small.

For more information about dog care services at The Well-Mannered Dog Center, please contact us here or call us directly at 616.258.7990.