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Meet Our Team | Trainers and Instructors

At The Well-Mannered Dog Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan, our dedicated team of dog lovers remain committed to providing exceptional dog care, safety and training. Our staff has extensive experience and training at our center and worldwide, and have earned numerous honors in all levels of competition.

Jill Moore, Instructor

Jill earned a degree in Forensic Chemistry from Michigan State University. Yet, she has worked as a dog instructor in agility for over 20 years with prior experience in other facilities. Jill also has judge agility, obedience, rally and showmanship for 4H in Michigan. Jill has a passion for boston terriers. Her first boston was one of only two bostons to earn Hit for obedience and High Combined at Nationals in 2012. After her own success, she started to breed her own Boston’s under the name Jingle Boston’s. Her dogs have been ranked in many championships since she started breeding in 2013. Jill and her husband (and breeding helper) of 31 years, Glen, have one son and a new grandchild.

Ellen Hizer

Ellen Hizer is West Michigan’s most experienced agility competitor and instructor. Ellen has been a performance events trainer, exhibitor, and instructor since 1987 and has multiple titles in the United States and Canada in AKC, NADAC, CPE, UKC, USDAA and AAC in Agility, Obedience, Rally and Tracking, including 30+ Agility Trial Championships in 4 different organizations.

Ellen started teaching agility classes and workshops in 1988, working with a wide variety of dog and handler teams. She has experience with many different breeds, mixed breeds and all sizes of dogs from Irish Wolfhounds to Yorkshire Terriers.

Pat Doran, Instructor

Pat earned her bachelor’s and master’s from Western Michigan University. She has been at The Well-Mannered Dog Center since it opened has been working with dogs for the past 26 years. Pat teaches the freestyle classes at our facility. She creates lessons for every student based on their level of training. Pat loves the performance floor at the Well Mannered Dog and learning from the other instructors and her students. Pat has received many honors from the American Kennel Club. Some of the titles her dogs have earned are Companion Dog and Companion Dog Excellence.

Jean Claude Tamba, Trainer

Jean has been at The Well-Mannered Dog center for a little over 2 years where he does obedience training, protections training and behavior modification. Jean served for 18 years in the K9 Unit at the Military Police in Senegal. He became a certified dog trainer there, earned a certificate in dog training from the German Army and Anti-Terrorism Training in Louisiana’s Police Academy. Through his service he received many decorations and awards and became a special anti-terrorism agent. Jean also can train dogs in English, German and French.

Rosalyn Russell

Rosalyn received her advertising degree from Michigan State University and her Master’s in the art of teaching from Aquinas College, here in Grand Rapids. At The Well-Mannered Dog Center she has led the Run Riot Flyball Team, training for flyball classes, sport foundation training and has hosted special events. She has worked in canine sports for over 9 years. Her flyball team has recently won the Division 4 National Championship at the United Flyball League International competition. In 2015 and 2016, her teams came in 5th and 2nd place. Rosalyn loves helping owners to realize their dog’s potential and build the dog and owner relationships.

Karen Oliver, Trainer

Instructor Karen Oliver brings a wealth of experience to each class she teaches. With over a decade of experience in the industry — the past 5 years at The Well-Mannered Dog Center — Karen teaches obedience, agility and freestyle classes throughout the year. Karen has earned multiple titles in obedience, rally, agility and canine freestyle. A graduate of Grand Valley State College, Karen and her husband have three children, six grand children and a great grandson.