AKC Juniors Welcome Mick Jagger | The Well-Mannered Dog Center
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AKC Juniors Welcome Mick Jagger

AKC Juniors Welcome Mick Jagger

Several weeks ago Mick Jagger and his human Hope were introduced to the world on EightWest. Recently, Mick had been chosen as an alternate for the AKC Juniors USA Agility team. Mick and Hope will be competing in Europe later this year.

Just a few weeks after appearing on the show, Hope received word that she and Mick had been elevated to full team status. We want to congratulate Mick and Hope on the terrific news. They performed excellently and worked very hard to earn their new status.

Mick Jagger and Hope honed their skills and trained at The Well-Mannered Dog Center and through local 4-H Club Working Paws. I have truly enjoyed watching them grow into the competent team they are today.

The Well-Mannered Dog Center fully supports Working Paws and the 4-H, as both organizations provide help and an enriching experience for kids in the community. The Well Mannered Dog Center provides free floor space and equipment for several of the area clubs, including the Working Paws Club. We love to watch the leaders helping the kids learn how to do agility, obedience and showmanship with their dogs. These kids are great — focused on helping each other and their dogs — and rarely do I see a cell phone out except to take photos.

For more information on dog training from the dog lovers at The Well-Mannered Dog Center, please contact us here or call us directly at 616.258.7990.


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