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Cold Laser Treatments For Your Dog

Cold Laser Treatments For Your Dog

A year ago, my vet treated my puppy, Gryphon, with cold laser treatments for a Sheltie disease known as DM. Finding this progressive and fatal disease in my puppy broke my heart. In short, DM closes circulation beginning with the capillaries in the extremities. The blood vessels then start to close in the muscles and finally the organs. My puppy began losing hair and soon developed lesions on his face, ear tips and feet.

My vet used cold laser therapy and the lesions disappeared, with most of Gryphon’s facial hair growing back. We use the standard treatment of Trental to keep the blood circulation strong. He now wears sunscreen on his face, as sunlight triggers the symptoms on his face, feet and ears.

So, what makes cold laser therapy work? I know so many dogs at The Well-Mannered Dog Center competing in agility, fly ball, carting and obedience whose owners treat them with laser therapy after injuries. When I researched the pros and cons of cold laser treatments, I found no downside other than that the laser should not be used over the eyes or on tattoos, testicles, tumors or areas of active bleeding. In addition, pregnant dogs or those with cancer cannot use the treatments.

On the plus side I found amazing information. Cold laser treatments provide pain relief by reducing areas inflamed through Ovasodilation, the opening of blood vessels. Like the drug Trental, laser treatments keep the blood vessels open. The treatment also activates the lymphatic drainage system, draining swollen areas. The lasers then stimulate nerve cells that block pain signals transmitting to the brain, thereby decreasing nerve sensitivity. Laser treatments for dogs stimulate the production of high levels of naturally produced endorphins, which further counteract a dog’s pain.

The drug-free way of treating arthritis, ligament injuries, decreased mobility and stair climbing issues makes cold laser therapy an attractive option for dog owners. So many of the drugs I’ve used on my old dogs to relieve arthritis pain had horrible side effects with long-term use. Laser therapy creates no problems with kidney failure or skin burns. Because the laser works directly on the injured or affected areas, it can help speed up healing and strengthen muscle and tissue almost immediately.

While I have many decades of experience caring for dogs, I am not a vet. All of the statements made in this blog are based on my personal experience and should not be considered medical advice. Please consult with your veterinarian before starting on any medical procedures.

For more information on cold laser therapy from the dog lovers at The Well-Mannered Dog Center, please contact us here or call us directly at 616.258.7990.

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