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How to Train Your Puppy

How to Train Your Puppy

Imagine bringing home your new puppy, both of you simply brimming with excitement and nerves. You watch your new best friend all day and step into the other room for one second and bam — yellow stain on your carpet and your favorite shoe is torn apart.

For owners of a new puppy, teaching simple commands such as sit, stay and down takes time and patience. Puppies need to be taken outside often and watched to ensure they know what to do. The best results are achieved through repetition and consistency.

Here are five tips to help your dog develop good manners:

  1. Use Affection to Praise Your Pup: Dogs respond to the tone of their owner’s voice. Using expressions will make your dog feel safe and proud. Hugs and cuddles also go a long way for your dog’s happiness and comfort in your home.
  2. Rewards Over Bribery: Using treats to help build your dog’s self-esteem and confidence works wonders. Your dog will know exactly when they are doing something right and will continue to do that for a treat. Treats should be used as a reward for good actions, but not as a bribe to perform them.
  3. Use A Crate As Home Base: Dogs never like being crated at first. Most dogs will whine all night or all day until they are comfortable. However, once they feel safe in their crate, this will become their own space.
  4. Developing Rules: Giving your dog orders early on if he or she can be on the furniture, sleep in your bed or have certain foods will avoid confusion later down the road. Changing the rules on your dog leads to undisciplined and more mischievous behavior.
  5. Regular Feeding and Potty Times: Just as you get hungry around the same times everyday, so will your dog. Giving your dog meals around the same time will build stability with not only eating but going outside. This should lead to less accidents and a happier pup. Additionally, walking your dog at a regular time will ensure your dog gets exercise and goes potty outside everyday.

Once your puppy reaches five months in age, they are ready to come to The Well-Mannered Dog Center. We offer obedience and agility classes to help you continue to coach your dog to be well behaved in public, learn new tricks and be a leader. Along with our training classes we also offer daycare, grooming and boarding.

For more information on training your puppy from the experts at The Well-Mannered Dog Center, please contact us here or call us directly at 616.258.7990.

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