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Do Dogs Think They’re People?

Do Dogs Think They’re People?

Most dog owners at one time or another ask themselves — does my dog think they’re a person? Plenty of evidence exists to support an answer in the affirmative. Simply watch your dog’s behavior to see for yourself.

Just like most people, your happy pup likely follows a predictable routine with habits you’ve become accustomed to, perhaps even adjusting your schedule to accommodate. They wake up around the same time every day, wait to be let outside and probably even know when they take their nightly walk. Beyond routines, dogs have possessions and even show favoritism for some toys over others. Just like you have a favorite coffee mug. Your dog may even have their own space: a corner of the couch, the foot of the bed or a box where their toys are kept. Everyone else in the family knows which particular places belong to the dog. Just like the Big Chair is Dad’s domain — you can use it, but be ready to move when Dad walks in.

These are just a few examples showing how much our dogs share with us. What really drives this home — how your dog  acts around others. When they want a treat, it’s straight to mom to beg. Time to run and be chased around the yard, the kids are ready to go. Need some rough-house time, then dad is game for some tug-of-war. A stranger at the door. Maybe a bark or little growl to let them know they are being watched.

When your dog displays their own personality in the most human way. You can’t help but wonder if somewhere in their doggy brain they think they are just another kid. The truth of the matter is, they do think they’re people, but it’s not entirely their fault. Even after fifteen-thousand years of standing at mankind’s side, they still hold onto their pack mentality. They still feel the need to be part of a safe and loving family, but instead of other canines — they have us. These four-legged people are loyal, loving and always there. With such devotion, how can we not treat them as we would any other member of our family.

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