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Grand Rapids Dog Center

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Our newly-renovated, 26,000 square-foot state-of-the-art canine facility is the largest in the state of Michigan and one of the largest in the region. Sporting a 13,000 square-foot padded rubber event and competition floor along with full-service areas for uncaged indoor boarding, daycare, obedience, training, classes, grooming and a large fenced-in outdoor play area, this secure and safe facility can support any size event.

Ensure that your event is held in a top-notch facility with experienced and highly trained staff who can help your event be a success.

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Full Facility Rental Fees

Grand Rapids Dog Center

Agility or Obedience Rally Trial

Daily Rate (agility equipment included) - $850

Daily Rate (obedience equipment) - $500

Set-up on Thursday after 9:30 pm is free

Classes, Seminars, Clubs or other Events

Hourly Rate (reservation required) - $10.00 per handler

Daily Rate (up to 8 hours) - $400

Clubs may use our large kennel or hospitality room for FREE.

Dog Center Grand Rapids Dog Center in Grand Rapids, MI Dog Center in Grand Rapids

“I just want to say thank you to Kathryn for sticking her neck out and putting everything on the line to bring us and awesome place to train and play with our dogs. The amount of expense, blood, sweat and tears (literally) that have gone into this endeavor is huge. As I stood in the mezzanine today watching the agility trial, and reflecting on all that has transpired, I was awestruck. I remember back not so long ago crawling on hands and knees helping to put the base down for the floor…and all the other crew daysthat helped the place take shape. Today (as well as other trials and events) was honestly a dream come true as the results of great labor come to fruition. Well done Kathryn, I hope seeing your business full of people all enjoying themselves was a huge source of satisfaction for you! It should be.”

- Donna SteortzBatdorff