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Dog Boarding Grand Rapids

The Well-Mannered Dog Center

During our daytime hours we focus on canine
daycare and exercising our boarding dogs. Our nights, however are filled with competitive action. Our indoor areas are large enough to simultaneously handle three separate training classes and a regulation-sized agility course. This translates into plenty of indoor space so people can ‘drop in’ for a few hours in the evening for play, to practice, attend classes or even join a fly-ball league. Fly-ball is a furious relay sport for teams of four and their dogs. The competition is ‘ruff’ and is a great spectator sport as well.

Our Team

Kathryn Snyder

Kathryn decided to open The Well-Mannered Dog Center as an extension of her passion for dogs and as a second career after being bored in retirement. Having trained, shown and competed with dogs for several decades, Kathryn brought her vision of a center with space for dog day care, grooming, boarding, socialization, training and competition to the Grand Rapids area. She says, “Dog people love to talk dog — I’m looking to put dog people together.” Kathryn is a professional member of the International Association of Canine Professionals.

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Tracey Wade

Tracey began massaging clients in 1994 and received her certification in 1997. She has had additional schooling for pregnancy massage from first week right through delivery.

In 1999, Tracey received her certification for equine and canine massage from a world-renowned sports massage school for high performance horses and riders in Virginia. She has been massaging horses and dogs in the Southwestern Michigan area since 1996. Tracey's availability and contact information is posted in the Well-Mannered Dog Center office. She is ready to make you and/or your dog feel wonderful at most of our large events.

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Jill Moore

Jill Moore accepted her first post college position as an Animal Control Officer with the Kent County Animal Shelter in 1983. Since then she has raised and trained 16 foster puppies for Paws with a Cause, has successfully competed in CPE and AKC agility, AKC and UKC obedience, AKC rally, and, most recently AKC conformation. Her Boston terrier, Teapot, has been the top ranked Boston in obedience for 2008 and 2009 and this year received an invitation to Eukanuba Obedience Nationals - an honor only extended to the top three obedience competitors in each breed. She teaches competition obedience, beginning agility and beginning and advanced rally
at Dog Scouts of America in St. Helen, Michigan. She is a member at large of the Grand Rapids Agility Club, a member of PAWS and treasurer of the Obedience Training Club of Greater Lansing.

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Dog Boarding Grand Rapids

Andrea Boucher

Andrea got her first dog in 2003, an Australian Shepherd, and because he was so fearful and shy she decided to take an agility class with him to increase his confidence. Now, MACH 6 Captain still loves the game, and competes almost every weekend! Added to the agility family are MACH Katie and MACH Leo, also Australian Shepherds. Andrea has been teaching in Kalamazoo for the past 3 years, and is now delighted to join the WMD team.

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I am a mostly German Shepherd dog. Mom is not certain that I am a purebred. She does not care. My temperament is what counts. I am the sweet, gentle giant she needed to help her. I am a Service Dog and I help my mom, Kaye Licata. You see, I was adopted from a shelter at age three. Mom happens to be a trainer with experience teaching many of my cousins the basics, manners and public relations. I also received special training for working dogs. Even though I was found wandering the streets and ended up at a shelter, I found a good home.

Now, I help out at the Well Mannered Dog Center. Part of my job is to help evaluate new clients and their owners coming in for assistance. I help young clients with no social skills learn manners and respect. The second part is to help staff members here at WMDC evaluate just what kind of training and education the owners need and skills the clients will need to learn to stay in their forever homes.

Never believe an older client cannot learn. I know better. Mom sure likes older clients too. It is helpful for owners to start with our clients while they are still young and continue while they mature (at around 2-3 years) because we are a special species with much to offer with the right guidance.

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Grand Rapids Dog Facility

Mel Pellerito

Six and a half years ago, Mel brought her first Border Collie home, Shadow. Nothing has been the same since! Mel and her Border Collies have trained in obedience, rally obedience, sheep herding, agility and tracking. Different from many of the local handlers in West Michigan, Mel's agility handling style follows that of the Derrett system. Mel has earned titles in Rally and Agility, competing at the excellent level of AKC agility with Shadow and Skye. Mel is an active member of the Grand Rapids Agility Club and Paws Dog Club (aka Grand Rapids Area Canines). Mel's primary training area is agility at this time and she enjoys helping others improve their handling and help them ultimately achieve their goals in competition. Mel is also a full time college student pursuing a degree in Computer Science.

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